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Our history

The “Red Houses” Cooperative was born during the eighties as a farmer cooperative at cereal, viticultural, olive-growing and forage direction. In 1992 it created, within the firm, one of the first farm holiday in the Marche region. Still today it is characterised by the tastiness of its dishes. In 2005 it realized, after the recognition of the PDO mark to the ascolian tender olive, a plant of 2ha of tender olive in addition to the other 6ha.
The produced tender olive is worked in the firm’s lab, according to the instructions of the specifications of production for the obtainment of:
PDO Ascolian Pickled olive from piceno
PDO Ascolian Natural Pickled olive from piceno
PDO Ascolian stuffed olive from piceno
During the years, the cooperative increased its offers by producing:
Stuffed olive with truffle. It is hade according to a recipe from the 1800 when some ascolian chefs added some black truffle to the meat mixture. Our cooperative added the breading with brown bread that makes the olive looks-like a hipogean mushroom
Ascolian olive obtained with not PDO olives but filled with the same meat mixture used for the PDO ascolian olive from piceno
Segments of custard, aromatized with “Anisetta Meletti”, a typical ascolian liqueur
Little mozzarella with first matters that are produced in ascolian district
Strips of mixed cheese
Monovaried extra-virgin olive oil of ascolian tender olives
Extra-virgin olive oils blend
Black olive with salt
All our products are handcrafted. We choose high quality first matters that we buy from the local producers whose trust is certain.
Furthermore, using the opportunity of the short designation, the “Red Houses” cooperative is able to maintain a high quality-price relation.

PDO Ascolian olive from Piceno